Journal of Geophysics, ISSN 0340-062X

Vol.42 (1976-1977)


Published: 1976-04-08

The Iranian long period array (ILPA)

B. Akasheh, I. Eshghi, R. Soltanian


Initial results from the Helios-1 Search-coil Magnetometer experiment

F.M. Neubauer, H.J. Beinroth, H. Barnstorf, G. Dehmel


Cosmic ray measurements on board Helios 1 from December 1974 to September 1975: Quiet time spectra, radial gradients, and solar events

H. Kunow, M. Witte, G. Wibberenz, H. Hempe, R. Mueller-Mellin, G. Green, B. lwers, J. Fuckner