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Journal of Geophysics (J. Geophys.) is the world's oldest and premier geophysical journal. The journal publishes research of great importance to geosciences, primarily in the areas of theoretical and applied geophysics, tectonophysics, seismology, physical and space geodesy, mathematical geodesy and geophysics, geodynamics, planetary physics, and atmospheric physics. (more...)

The most important discovery of 2019


Study of earthquakes and moonquakes in this journal finds strong (M6+) seismicity and tectonics are caused by externally excited resonance instead of mantle convection/inner heat.

Read more about the discovery in Google News (you may need to reload their search form a few times, or go directly to the news. If Google still won't load it, this is the news feed.)

Vol 63 No 1 (2019): Journal of Geophysics

Journal of Geophysics, ISSN 2643-2986 (online), 2643-9271 (print)

Vol.63 (2019-2020)


Published: 2019-07-12

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