Initial results from the Helios-1 Search-coil Magnetometer experiment

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F.M. Neubauer
H.J. Beinroth
H. Barnstorf
G. Dehmel


The Helios search-coil magnetometer experiments provide a unique potential for studies of electromagnetic plasma wave modes in the solar wind between 0.3–1 A.U. because of excellent background noise levels, high time-resolution and high accuracy. Daily average spectral densities (γ √Hz) in the frequency range from 4.7–220 Hz show a pronounced increase as the sun is approached with complex superposed variations. Their values have a range of more than an order of magnitude. The shock of January 6, 1975 provides an interesting example for the use of high time-resolution spectral data. The fine structure and the long term variations in wave fields after the perpendicular shock are discussed. Also two interesting examples of "magnetic holes" are presented.

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Neubauer, F., Beinroth, H., Barnstorf, H., & Dehmel, G. (1976). Initial results from the Helios-1 Search-coil Magnetometer experiment. Journal of Geophysics, 42(1), 599-614. Retrieved from


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