Pseudo-single-domain effects and single-domain multidomain transition in natural pyrrhotite deduced from domain structure observations

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H. Soffel


The domain configuration of primary pyrrhotite in a Devonian diabase was studied using the Bitter pattern technique. Due to the uniaxial symmetry the multidomain grains have a rather simple domain structure. The single-domain — multidomain transition occurs at an average particle diameter of 1.6 μm. In the multidomain grains clusters of inclusions seem to produce pseudo-single-domain effects with complicated domain configurations. Such pseudo-single-domain effects are necessary for the interpretation of the magnetically hard component of remanence which cannot be explained by the observed abundance of true single-domain particles alone.

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Soffel, H. (1976). Pseudo-single-domain effects and single-domain multidomain transition in natural pyrrhotite deduced from domain structure observations. Journal of Geophysics, 42(1), 351-359. Retrieved from


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