Q of Mode 0S0

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L. Knopoff
P.A. Rydelek
W. Zurn
T. Yogi


Estimates of Q of mode oSo as measured after the Chilean (1960) and Alaskan (1964) earthquakes showed large scatter. The Indonesian quake of August 19, 1977, has provided a new opportunity to determine the attenuation factor for oSo. Time lapse spectra of a priori selected high quality data were analyzed using a maximum-likelihood method and Ricean statistics. Data from South Pole and Los Angeles gave Q values of 6324 (1 ±21 %) and 6859 (1 ± 17%) respectively. Taken together the result is 6687 (1 ± 13%).

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Knopoff, L., Rydelek, P., Zurn, W., & Yogi, T. (1979). Q of Mode 0S0. Journal of Geophysics, 46(1), 89-95. Retrieved from https://journal.geophysicsjournal.com/JofG/article/view/39


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