Two centuries-long mystery solved: the Sun acts as a magnetic alternator, not dynamo
Excentral wobbling core runs the sun and trillions of sunlike stars

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The most important discovery of 2023: an excentral wobbling core (really) runs the Sun and trillions of Sun-like stars. The Sun mimics ordinary rotating machinery.

Main takeaways

  • the study paints for the first time a complete picture of the macroscopic dynamics of the Sun (99.9% of the solar system's mass)

  • first-ever conclusive direct (from in situ data) detection of the solar core and its global dynamics

  • the core does not share a common center of mass with the rest of the Sun but lays instead off-center towards the south

  • the eccentric core then naturally wobbles once every ~2 years, causing the Sun to resonate like any operating motor engine

  • unlike engines firmly caged to prevent vibrational damage, the cageless Sun vibrates freely and completely

  • complete (including excess) global vibration consists indeed of constructive (resonance) and destructive (antiresonance) vibration

  • incessant vibration causes the Sun to (differentially) spin and emit its excess mass into space as the solar wind

  • the Sun's magnetic polarity reverses every ca. 11 years due to the wobbling core flipping under the global vibration

  • the Sun thus continuously behaves as an ordinary engine (revolving-field motor) rather than impulsively as an elusive dynamo

  • interior engine sparking manifests on the surface as sunspots; surface engine sparking—as nanoflares and explosions (CMEs)

  • explained the 154-day Rieger period in the solar wind's flapping, which dominates the solar system, e.g., causes seismicity

  • the discovery is in excellent agreement with sunspot historical records, remote data, and the experiment

  • the new result then instantly replaced the dynamo concept/models with the magnetic alternator from mechanical engineering

  • as based on verified reproducible computations from in situ/global data at highest energies, the results are conclusive/unquestionable

  • the new standard Sun applies to the >100 billion trillions of little-understood Sun-type stars (most, not counting dwarfs).

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Omerbashich, M. (2023). The Sun as a revolving-field magnetic alternator with a wobbling-core rotator from real data. J. Geophys. 65(1):48-77

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