Tomographic imaging of the Andravida blind strike-slip fault (Western Greece)

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A. Karakonstantis
K. Pavlou
V. Kapetanidis


On 8 June 2008 at 12:25 GMT, a large (Mw6.4) earthquake occurred NE of the town of Andravida in Western Peloponnese, Greece – an area characterized by high seismicity during the last decade. In this study, the local velocity structure of the Andravida Fault Zone (AFZ) is investigated primarily using data recorded during the period 2012-2017 by the Hellenic Unified Seismological Network (HUSN). We selected about 1,500 seismic events recorded by the local HUSN stations as well as the Hellenic Strong-Motion Network (HSMN). By applying tomographic inversion, we produced and interpreted 3D models of VP, VS, and VP/VS ratio in the study area. The spatial distribution of the aftershocks, as well as the 3D model derived by Local Earthquake Tomography (LET), provided evidence for the rupture plane. Surface breaks and minor faults are found to be oblique to the main direction of the AFZ, as a result of a restraining bend in Mtn. Movri and the formation of a positive flower-structure in the shallow layers of the upper crust.

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Karakonstantis, A., Pavlou, K., & Kapetanidis, V. (2019). Tomographic imaging of the Andravida blind strike-slip fault (Western Greece). Journal of Geophysics, 63(1), 1-14. Retrieved from


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