Bursts of irregular magnetic pulsations during the substorm

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J. Kangas
T. Pikkarainen
Yu. Golikov
L. Baransky
V.A. Troitskaya
V. Sterlikova


New characteristics of PiB magnetic pulsations which are associated with the substorm in the local midnight sector are revealed from the recordings of a meridional network of ground stations. PiB's are observed during distortions of the auroral arc which enclose a local region of upward directed field-aligned current. An enhancement at about 0.3–0.4 Hz is shown to be a permanent feature of PiB's. In addition, a secondary amplitude maximum at about 1 Hz sometimes appears in the recordings far from the auroral zone. The generation of PiB pulsations in the Pi1 period range is located at auroral latitudes at a low altitude. Low-altitude electric fields and acceleration of auroral particles, low-altitude resonance cavities, and isotropic propagation of waves is discussed in the interpretation of PiB pulsations.

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Kangas, J., Pikkarainen, T., Golikov, Y., Baransky, L., Troitskaya, V., & Sterlikova, V. (1979). Bursts of irregular magnetic pulsations during the substorm. Journal of Geophysics, 46(1), 237-247. Retrieved from https://journal.geophysicsjournal.com/JofG/article/view/287


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