Observation of PS reflections from the Moho

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A.W.B. Jacob
D.C. Booth


Fuchs (1975) has described the theory and computation of synthetic seismograms for PS reflections from first order discontinuities and transition zones with various properties. A number of record sections were shown in which PS reflections were not discernable. In the course of a programme of explosion work which has been carried out around Scotland (SOSP, outlined by Jacob, 1974) a line of shots fired in the North Minch was observed by a station, WR, situated at Cape Wrath (Fig. 1). Though sub-critical PmP Moho reflections were seen, which indicated that PS reflections from the Moho might be expected, a section of vertical component seismograms (Fig. 2) gave only a weak indication of the phase. However, further processing of the data has shown a clear PS Moho reflection to be present.

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