Statistical analysis of damaging earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Iceland from 1550-1978

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G. Gudmundsson
K. Saemundsson


Records of all known eruptions and damaging earthquakes in Iceland since 1550 were produced containing 82 and 44 events, respectively. Neither record exhibits a significant trend. Analysis of the second order properties of the records reveals no indication of clustering or periodicity in either record. There is a significant relationship between the two kinds of events. Some of this may be due to triggering effects, but there is also a more long term relationship with eruptions leading the earthquakes. This relationship was examined further by classification of the events geographically and by types of the eruptions. The relationship seems to embody the whole area rather than local effects.

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Gudmundsson, G., & Saemundsson, K. (1980). Statistical analysis of damaging earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Iceland from 1550-1978. Journal of Geophysics, 47(1), 99-109. Retrieved from


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