Spatial variations of ionospheric conductivity and radar auroral amplitude in the eastward electrojet region during pre-substorm conditions

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M.V. Uspensky
R.J. Pellinen
W. Baumjohann
G.V. Starkov
E. Nielsen
G. Sofko
K.U. Kaila


The dependence of auroral backscatter amplitude on different ionospheric parameters (conductivity, current density, electric field) is studied by means of data recorded by STARE (Scandinavian Twin Auroral Radar Experiment), the two-dimensional Scandinavian Magnetometer Array (SMA), and auroral all-sky cameras. The observations were made on 16 March 1978 during pre-substorm conditions in the region of the eastward polar electrojet. The paper shows that in this event the auroral backscatter amplitudes in the 140 MHz frequency band were controlled mainly by spatial variations in the electron density or conductivity inside the back-scatter volume. To a certain extent also a linear relationship between backscatter amplitude and ionospheric current density was found but it is regarded as a special case of a more general relationship between electron density and backscatter amplitude. A stable discontinuity in the Hall conductivity over the most equatorward auroral arc was deduced from the data: On the equatorward side the conductivity was 3-5 times higher than on the nearby poleward side. Our conclusions are discussed in the light of some previously published results on the same subject.

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Uspensky, M., Pellinen, R., Baumjohann, W., Starkov, G., Nielsen, E., Sofko, G., & Kaila, K. (1983). Spatial variations of ionospheric conductivity and radar auroral amplitude in the eastward electrojet region during pre-substorm conditions. Journal of Geophysics, 52(1), 40-48. Retrieved from


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