Parameters of the auroral electrojet from magnetic variations along a meridian

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H. Maurer


The parameters of the auroral electrojet are described by using an ionospheric sheet current model. Data from a line of magnetometers between 62 and 67 degrees magnetic latitude are the input for the computation of the parameters during electrojet activity. The parameters are depicted in the parameter-time diagram which furnishes mainly the following information:
   1. Applicability of the two dimensional current model.
   2. Latitudinal extent of the electrojets as a function of time.
   3. Location of centre of the current as a function of time.
   4. Current flow direction.
Two case studies are carried out. The first comprises DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) data, the second makes use of data collected simultaneously by the Scandinavian Twin Auroral Radar Experiment (STARE). The results of the parameter-time diagram and the DMSP as well as the STARE data are in good agreement.

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