Some applications of seismogram synthesis through the summation of modes of Rayleigh waves

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P. Suhadolc
G.F. Panza


Complete synthetic seismograms can be computed by the superposition of the fundamental and higher modes of Rayleigh waves. The usefulness of this approach is illustrated by the fact that it is possible to reproduce with sufficient detail experimental signals lasting several tens of seconds and having a high-frequency content (up to 1 Hz). The method has been proven to work even for higher frequencies, up to 10 Hz. To illustrate the source and structure modelling using this method, the whole experimental records from the Carder displacement meter at the station El Centro for the 1968 Borrego Mountain earthquake have been fitted. Seismic profiles (displacement, velocity and acceleration) have been synthesized and they clearly show the expected agreement between ray travel times and arrival times of different phases.

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Suhadolc, P., & Panza, G. (1985). Some applications of seismogram synthesis through the summation of modes of Rayleigh waves. Journal of Geophysics, 58(1), 183-188. Retrieved from


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