Magnetospheric hydromagnetic waves: their eigenperiods, amplitudes and phase variations; a tutorial introduction

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D. Orr


The detection of hydromagnetic waves on spacecraft and at the Earth's surface indicate disturbances of the geomagnetosphere. These disturbances are diagnostic of processes and boundaries occurring within the plasma of the Earth's space environment. In order to delineate the processes and boundaries a dense network of measuring points is desirable. Parameters that have proved useful are the frequency and the relative amplitudes and phases of the waves at different positions in space. This paper summarises some of the characteristics of hydromagnetic waves in the magnetosphere and the modification of the signal brought about by the boundary conditions imposed by the ionosphere-neutral atmosphere-Earth system.

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Orr, D. (1984). Magnetospheric hydromagnetic waves: their eigenperiods, amplitudes and phase variations; a tutorial introduction. Journal of Geophysics, 55(1), 76-84. Retrieved from


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