Magnetovariational and magnetotelluric studies of the Oulu anomaly on the Baltic Shield in Finland

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T. Korja
P. Zhang
K. Pajunpaa


The electrical conductivity structure of the Baltic Shield in Finland has been studied by magnetovariational (MV) and magnetotelluric (MT) work. First magnetometer arrays revealed the crustal Oulu conductivity anomaly which consists of a crustal conductive zone and a conductivity boundary. Since 1983 the magnetotelluric technique has been used to study the Oulu anomaly in more detail. The information obtained from the induction vectors of the MV and MT data are compared. 1 D and 2D models of the Oulu anomaly were constructed from MT data using induction vectors as additional information. In the centre of the research area the anomalous body (with a resistivity of 0.5 ohm m) lies below a depth of 4-7 km. Its width is about 25 km and its length is more than 100 km. To the south-west of this anomaly a low-resistive crustal layer exists at a depth of 14 km, whereas to the north-east no crustal layer was identified in the very resistive Karelidic realm.

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Korja, T., Zhang, P., & Pajunpaa, K. (1986). Magnetovariational and magnetotelluric studies of the Oulu anomaly on the Baltic Shield in Finland. Journal of Geophysics, 59(1), 32-41. Retrieved from


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