Multi-method observations and modelling of the three-dimensional currents associated with a very strong Ps6 event

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G. Gustafsson
W. Baumjohann
I. Iversen


A pulsation event has been studied which showed Ps6-type characteristics with a period of about 20 min. Data from a number of magnetometer and riometer measurements over a large area have been combined with balloon measurements of the electric field to obtain a detailed description of the ionospheric current system during the event. The pulsations reported here occured over an interval longer than 3 h and showed large magnetic variations, up to 700 nT.  A model of the three-dimensional current flow has been derived which agrees with the data. It is concluded that most of the magnetic disturbance measured on the ground is caused by Hall-currents.

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Gustafsson, G., Baumjohann, W., & Iversen, I. (1981). Multi-method observations and modelling of the three-dimensional currents associated with a very strong Ps6 event. Journal of Geophysics, 49(1), 138-145. Retrieved from


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