Anhysteretic remanent magnetization of small multidomain Fe3O4 particles dispersed in various concentrations in a non magnetic matrix

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E. Schmidbauer
R.J. Veitch


The anhysteretic remanent magnetization (ARM) and hysteresis parameters of synthetic, small, multidomain particles (0.2–0.4 μ) of Fe3O4 , dispersed at various concentrations in a non magnetic matrix (packing factors p = 0.01–0.3), have been measured. The coercive force Hc is weakly dependent on p. At higher concentrations the shape of the sample has a strong influence on the magnetization. There appears to be an additional concentration dependence of the ARM. However, the independence of partial ARMs also holds for larger p.

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Schmidbauer, E., & Veitch, R. (1980). Anhysteretic remanent magnetization of small multidomain Fe3O4 particles dispersed in various concentrations in a non magnetic matrix. Journal of Geophysics, 48(1), 148-152. Retrieved from


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