On the dependence of radar aurora amplitude on ionospheric electron density

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G.V. Starkov
M.V. Uspensky
A.V. Kustov
J. Oksman


Radar aurora amplitudes have been correlated with mean electron density measurements by means of ionosondes during two geophysically widely different events. A similar, roughly linear relationship was found between the two quantities in both cases. On the other hand, the amplitude seems to be almost independent of the ambient electric field, once it is well above the instability threshold.

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Starkov, G., Uspensky, M., Kustov, A., & Oksman, J. (1983). On the dependence of radar aurora amplitude on ionospheric electron density. Journal of Geophysics, 52(1), 49-52. Retrieved from https://journal.geophysicsjournal.com/JofG/article/view/189


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