Recent ISEE observations of the magnetopause and low latitude boundary layer: A review

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M.A. Saunders


ISEE-1 and 2 satellite observations at the dayside magnetopause have enabled important progress to be made on the solar wind/magnetosphere coupling problem. The ISEE results have emphasized the significance of reconnection and have indicated that the process can occur both in a quasi-steady form and in an unsteady (flux transfer event (FTE)) manner. The detection of FTEs on open field lines within the magnetosphere, the discovery of reverse polarity FTEs, and the observation that FTEs can be associated closely with intervals of quasi-steady reconnection flow, all support further the view that FTEs are reconnection phenomena. Indeed, a sharp distinction need not exist between FTEs and the type of reconnection event described as quasi-steady.

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Saunders, M.A. 1983. “Recent ISEE Observations of the Magnetopause and Low Latitude Boundary Layer: A Review”. Journal of Geophysics 52 (1), 190-98.
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