Formal morphostructural zoning of mountain territories

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M. Alekseevskaya
A. Gabrielov
I. Gel'fand
A. Gvishiani
E. Rantsman


Formalization of morphostructural zoning of mountain regions, with special emphasis on determination of lineaments, is considered in this paper. The zoning is based on joint analysis of topography, geology, tectonics and geomorphology, represented on corresponding maps and aerial or space photos. Our goal is to make the zoning objective and reproducible. The importance of this goal follows from the fact that morphostructural zoning, especially the scheme of lineaments, is the starting point of our approach to prediction of strong earthquakes; it is important also to location of some mineral deposits. The definition of large elements of relief is formalized in the first place. On the basis of their characteristics a territory is divided into three types of areas: blocks, lineaments and knots. A precise and objective location of knot and lineament positions is the final aim of our formalized scheme. The application of the suggested algorithm to Eastern Tien Shan is described in the conclusion of the paper, as an illustration.

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Alekseevskaya, M., Gabrielov, A., Gel’fand, I., Gvishiani, A., & Rantsman, E. (1977). Formal morphostructural zoning of mountain territories. Journal of Geophysics, 43(1), 227-233. Retrieved from


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