Ocean tides and periodic variations of the Earth's rotation

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H.-R. Baader
P. Brosche
W. Hovel


We consider the periodic acceleration of the Earth's rotation rate caused by the oceanic M2-tide and the corresponding cumulative effect in universal time UT1. The necessary information stems from a hydrodynamical model of the world's oceans. The time variations of the contributions to the relative angular momentum balance and of the solid Earth's center-of-mass are provided. As for the theoretical aspects, two hypotheses are examined: the 'quasi-isolated-Earth' -hypothesis, which is basic for the derivation of the Δω- and ΔUT1-effects, is acceptable at least as a first-order approximation, whereas the idea of 'locked oceans' is not. The main result is a ΔUT1-contribution with a total range of 0.05 ms, thus nearly detectable by means of modern observational techniques: this effect essentially originates from the tidal currents.

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Baader, H.-R., Brosche, P., & Hovel, W. (1983). Ocean tides and periodic variations of the Earth’s rotation. Journal of Geophysics, 52(1), 140-142. Retrieved from https://journal.geophysicsjournal.com/JofG/article/view/154


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