Generation and propagation mechanisms of low-latitude magnetic pulsations - A review

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K. Yumoto


1. Introduction
2. Low-latitude Pc 3 magnetic pulsations
   2.1  Introduction
   2.2  Upstream waves as a source of low-latitude Pc 3
   2.3  Transmission of upstream waves through bow shock and magnetopause
   2.4  Propagation mechanism of Pc 3 source waves into deep magnetosphere
   2.5  Transmitted Pc 3 source waves in the magnetosphere
   2.6  Characteristic frequencies of various Pc 3 oscillations in magnetosphere
   2.7  Wave characteristics of low-latitude Pc 3
   2.8  Pc 2–3 at very low latitudes (Φ< 22°)
3. Low-latitude Pi 2 magnetic pulsations
   3.1  Introduction
   3.2  Unresolved characteristics of Pi 2 pulsations
   3.3  Wave and current fluctuation models for Pi 2 generation
   3.4  Model of instantaneous transmission from polar electric field to equator
   3.5  A possible model for daytime Pi 2
4. Summary and conclusions.

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