Paleomagnetic study of upper carboniferous volcanics from Sudetes (Poland)

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M. Westphal
J-B. Edel
M. Kadzialko-Hofmokl
M. Jelenska
A. Grocholski


Upper Carboniferous and Permian volcanites from Sudetes were sampled in 11 localities (mean site coordinates: 50.8°N, 16.3°E). Thermal demagnetizations of the samples showed several magnetic components. But in one site, all high-temperature components are reversed. The interpretation of the results shows a first, primary magnetization acquired probably in the Upper Carboniferous before tilting (N = 8, D = 192°, I = -2°, k = 27, α95 = 11°, pole: 39°N, 181°E) and a remagnetization acquired later, during or after tilting (N = 5, D = 190°, I = -19°, k = 18, α95 = 18°, pole: 48°N, 181°E).

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Westphal, M., Edel, J.-B., Kadzialko-Hofmokl, M., Jelenska, M., & Grocholski, A. (1987). Paleomagnetic study of upper carboniferous volcanics from Sudetes (Poland). Journal of Geophysics, 61(1), 90-96. Retrieved from


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