Paleomagnetism of Jurassic sediments from the western border of the Rheingraben, Alsace (France)

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M. Kadzialko-Hofmokl
J. Kruczyk
M. Westphal


Upper Bajocian oolithic limestones and Pliensbachian marls and marly ovoids from 9 sites distributed over 4 exposures at the western border of the Rheingraben (mean coordinates 47.8° N, 7.5° E) were sampled by 92 samples. The carriers of the natural remanent magnetization in the limestones are goethite and magnetite, and in the marls and ovoids the carrier is magnetite. After tectonic correction, the characteristic component of NRM isolated in the cleaning processes was mostly of normal polarity. The mean direction is D = 30.1°, I = 53.2° (N = 7, k = 92, α95 = 6.3°) and the pole position is 63.1° N, 120.1° E. It is close to the Jurassic reference data for the stable European plate.

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Kadzialko-Hofmokl, M., Kruczyk, J., & Westphal, M. (1987). Paleomagnetism of Jurassic sediments from the western border of the Rheingraben, Alsace (France). Journal of Geophysics, 62(1), 102-108. Retrieved from


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