Crustal and upper mantle structure beneath the apennines region as inferred from the study of Rayleigh waves

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G. Calcagnile
G.F. Panza


Rayleigh wave phase velocities were obtained in the period range 12.5–83.3 s using the almost linear array of long period seismic stations installed at Bari (BAI), Grosseto (GSO), Bologna (BOL), and Torino (TNO). The Hedgehog inversion gives a crustal thickness in the range 25–37 km. The presence of a low-velocity layer in the crust is allowed, while low velocity material within a few kilometers of the Moho is required. The shear-wave velocities below 60 km are rather higher than usual channel values. If crustal thicknesses of the order of 37 km are rejected as suggested by other geophysical data then the low-velocity layer in the crust is required in order to satisfy the observed dispersion relation.

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Calcagnile, G., & Panza, G. (1978). Crustal and upper mantle structure beneath the apennines region as inferred from the study of Rayleigh waves. Journal of Geophysics, 45(1), 319-327. Retrieved from


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