Paleomagnetism of the tertiary intrusives from Chalkidiki (Northern Greece)

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D. Kondopoulou
M. Westphal


Paleomagnetic measurements made on Eocene-Oligocene intrusives of Chalkidiki (northern Greece) have given normal and reversed directions. The mean direction is D = 37°, I = 30°, α95 = 9° and the pole is 50°N, 140°E. This direction indicates a clockwise rotation of about 25° for Chalkidiki, similar to the rotations observed in western Greece but different from Bulgarian results.

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Kondopoulou, D., & Westphal, M. (1986). Paleomagnetism of the tertiary intrusives from Chalkidiki (Northern Greece). Journal of Geophysics, 59(1), 62-66. Retrieved from


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